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Senior Director Land Acquisitions

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Las Vegas, NV Full-time
Posted on January 9, 2019

Senior Director Land Acquisitions and Forward Planning

Job Description:

Under the direct supervision of the company President, and working in a team environment, the Senior Land Acquisitions and Forward Planning will be responsible for the effective management of the project design team, the land acquisition process, deal flow and timing, relationship management, entitlement and design consultants, development and delivery projections, acquisition underwriting, asset disposition, and summary cash flow projections.  The individual will assure that company design guidelines, community schedules, and efficiency standards are adhered to. The individual is responsible for the overall production of the project design team. The individual endeavors to resolve all project, or project design team concerns, and report any and all deviations to the President with recommendations for resolution whenever applicable.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Land Acquisition and Disposition – Offers, Negotiations, Contracts, and Escrow
  • Deal Flow -- Relationship Management, Deal Farming, and Data Farming
  • Project Planning – Layouts, Entitlements, Scheduling, Absorption Modeling, Cost Projections
  • Design Development – Project Feasibility, Survey, Layouts, Entitlements, Studies, Engineering Plans, Mapping, House Plots and Homeowner's Associations
  • Product Development – Concept Drawings, Schematic Plans, Building Plans
  • Underwriting –Project Pro-Formas for Acquisition, Preliminary Assumptions, Land Books
  • Data Management – Project Archives, Permits, Market Data, Exhibits

Reports To: President 

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Education:

  • Extensive background in land development
  • Extensive background in home building
  • Strong understanding of financial and accounting principles
  • Longstanding relationships with governing agencies, utility purveyors, the real estate brokerage community, consultants, and the overall development community
  • Knowledgeable in home construction methods, community construction, and community engineering principles
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point skillsets
  • AutoCAD proficiency a plus
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Construction Management, or Civil Engineering