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Las Vegas , NV

Civil Engineering CADD Designer / Draftsman

Baughman & Turner
Las Vegas, NV Full-time
Posted on September 30, 2018

Seeking Engineering Civil Engineering CADD Designer/Draftsman Experience in grading, utility, and roadway design and drafting.

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Equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or protected veteran status. We promote a drug-free work environment.

Additional Responsibilities:

• Produce drawings using computer-assisted drafting systems (CAD) or drafting machines, or by hand using compasses, dividers, protractors, triangles and other drafting devices.
• Create graphical representations of civil structures.
• Draw maps, diagrams, and profiles, using cross-sections and surveys, to represent elevations, topographical contours, subsurface formations and structures.
• Create maps.
• Draft plans and detailed drawings for structures, installations, and construction projects such as highways, sewage disposal systems, and dikes, working from sketches or notes.
• Create graphical representations of civil structures.
• Determine the order of work and method of presentation, such as orthographic or isometric drawing.
• Prepare detailed work plans.
• Finish and duplicate drawings and documentation packages, according to required mediums and specifications for reproduction using blueprinting, photography, or other duplicating methods.
• Create graphical representations of civil structures.
• Review rough sketches, drawings, specifications, and other engineering data received from civil engineers to ensure that they conform to design concepts.
• Evaluate designs or specifications to ensure quality.
• Calculate excavation tonnage and prepare graphs and fill-hauling diagrams for use in earth-moving operations.
• Analyze costs and benefits of proposed designs or projects.
• Estimate technical or resource requirements for development or production projects.
• Prepare procedural documents.
• Supervise and train other technologists, technicians and drafters.
• Supervise engineering or other technical personnel.
• Determine quality, cost, strength and quantity of required materials, and enter figures on materials lists.
• Estimate operational costs.
• Estimate technical or resource requirements for development or production projects.
• Prepare procedural documents.
• Correlate, interpret, and modify data obtained from topographical surveys, well logs, and geophysical prospecting reports.
• Analyze operational data to evaluate operations, processes or products.
• Locate and identify symbols located on topographical surveys to denote geological and geophysical formations or oil field installations.
• Review technical documents to plan work.
• Calculate weights, volumes, and stress factors and their implications for technical aspects of designs.
• Estimate technical or resource requirements for development or production projects.
• Supervise or conduct field surveys, inspections or technical investigations to obtain data required to revise construction drawings.
• Survey land or bodies of water to measure or determine features.

• Explain drawings to production or construction teams and provide adjustments as necessary.
• Explain engineering drawings, specifications, or other technical information.

• Plot characteristics of boreholes for oil and gas wells from photographic subsurface survey recordings and other data, representing depth, degree and direction of inclination.
• Create graphical representations of energy production systems.